Bone replacement

Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure where the existing bone stock is filled with bone substitute material that is incorporated over time. This allows the artificial tooth root to be safely implanted. Bone grafting may be necessary in a number of situations, such as long periods of edentulism, inflammation around the teeth or accidental loss of width and height of the jawbone.

However, to be able to have implants, you must have sufficient bone mass. Fortunately, there is now a way to treat such cases, which means that implants can be placed in places where they were previously difficult or impossible to place. Bone grafting may be necessary before or during tooth implantation in cases of insufficient bone stock to ensure the long-term stability of the implant. Using today’s modern bone grafting procedures and materials, safe and durable results can be achieved in the field of bone grafting.

Additional tests are necessary to establish a treatment plan. The most common diagnostic tool is the CBCT scan. After admission, our dentists can determine exactly what treatment our patient needs, and if the bone stock is not suitable for implantation, they can recommend bone grafting.

We use different surgical techniques depending on the size and shape of the bone effects, using your own bone and bone substitutes. The own bone is used in blocks or in the form of ground bone, alone or in combination with bone substitutes. The most common bone replacement surgery is the sinus lift.


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What bone substitutes are used?

Artificial bone substitutes

Artificial bone substitute is a synthetic, but 100% safe bone substitute material, which is characterised by its unique composition (60% hydroxyapatite, 40% beta-tricalcium phosphate), controlled absorption and excellent handling. This material is fully biocompatible, as hydroxyapatite is a natural component of dental tissue. This material is placed by our oral surgeons in the desired area, which heals over time, forming a solid bone structure into which the implant can be safely placed.

Natural bone substitute

Our clinic uses a bone substitute of bovine origin, which has physico-chemical-biological properties and a special hydrophilic surface that closely resembles human bone. It is easy to handle, 100% pure, perfectly safe and sterile. Thanks to the added ingredients, the material adapts to the patient’s bone tissue and grows in the hole until it fills it completely.

We also use a combination of this bone substitute with hyaluronic acid to promote faster healing.

Bone grafting

The third type of bone graft is very different from the previous two. Bone grafting involves removing a piece of the patient’s own bone (e.g. from an area of the jaw) and replacing it with bone grafting screws.


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