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Implant-supported Dental Prosthetics

Fast & Fixed Implant-System

implantatgetragener Zahnersatz

Bredent’s Fast & Fixed system is an innovative dental implantation procedure that allows you to effectively and quickly treat problems of toothlessness or tooth loss.


This system is a solution for patients who have lost all their teeth or have severely damaged dentition and want to regain their original chewing function and aesthetic smile.


The Bredent Fast & Fixed system is based on fixing the new prosthesis in the patient’s mouth with relatively few implants.

In contrast to traditional implant placement methods, where one implant is used for one prosthesis, this procedure allows optimal use of the number and position of the teeth.

Unlike traditional implantation methods, where one implant is used for one prosthesis, this procedure allows for optimal utilization of the number and position of the teeth.


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The steps of the Bredent Fast & Fixed system are generally as follows:

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1. Initial consultation and diagnosis: the dentist performs a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth, including X-rays and CT scans, which can be used to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

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2 Implant placement: the dentist will place the right number and size of implants in the jawbone. This requires a minor surgical procedure, usually under local anaesthetic.

Temporary fixed prosthesis: The implants are first fitted with a temporary prosthesis on the day of the procedure so that the patient is not left without teeth during the healing period. This allows the patient to get used to the new situation more easily and to eat and speak as usual during the healing period.

The transition period: after the implant is placed and the temporary denture is fixed, there is a healing period, as the bone needs time to become firmly attached to the implants.

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3. This new prosthesis is customized to the individual dental needs, so the patient can enjoy their new teeth in complete comfort and aesthetics.


It is important to note, however, that the Bredent Fast & Fixed system is not applicable in all cases. Depending on the individual dental condition and the quality of the jawbone, the dentist will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.

Dental implant

fogászati implantátum
An implant is an artificial tooth root, a screw inserted into a hole prepared in the bone at the site of a missing tooth.

After healing, a special additional element called an abutment (implant abutment) is placed over the gum, replacing the tooth stump and holding the dental prosthesis to be made.

Implants are made from medical-grade titanium or zirconia, materials known for their tissue-friendly properties, which are well accepted by the bone.

Products from manufacturers with a long tradition have proven to be durable and can therefore offer a lifelong solution to the problem of missing teeth.

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Only premium-quality implants are used in our clinic:

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Sky by Bredent

Advantages of an Implant:

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Durability and Stability
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Natural Appearance
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It facilitates the prevention of bone loss
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It enhances chewing function
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It improves overall quality of life
For the best possible results, consultation with the treating dentist is recommended in every case.
Straumann implantate

What is Implant-Supported Dental Prosthesis Made Of?

An implant-supported dental prosthesis consists of three parts:
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The implant itself – a screw made of titanium or zirconia, which is placed into the bone. It comes in various sizes, with the selection of the right implant depending on the situation.
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The abutment (the structure): On the implanted implant, a structure is placed first, acting as a connecting element between the implant and the crown/dental prosthesis. It is usually screwed onto the implant, while the crown is either screwed or cemented onto it.
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The third main part is the crown to be attached to the abutment.
structure of the dental implant illustration
In simplified terms, the screw corresponds to the former tooth root, while the abutment with the crown corresponds to the former tooth crown. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise you.

Straumann Dental Implants

Straumann implants represent top-quality Swiss craftsmanship and are recognized worldwide. The company has been researching, producing, and developing implants since 1974. In collaboration with internationally renowned clinics, research institutes, and universities, the company has introduced numerous technological and technical innovations in the field of implantology.

The implants are made of high-quality titanium, known for its durability, longevity, and biocompatibility. To achieve optimal bonding between the bone and the artificial titanium root, the implants are provided with a porous surface, allowing the bone to integrate into the porous implant structure during healing.

These microscopic pores on the implant surfaces are not visible to the naked eye. Thanks to the special surface treatment, healing occurs in a shorter time compared to other types of implants.

A wide range of Straumann implants are available to dentists to offer tailored solutions to patients. The implants are manufactured in various diameters and lengths, allowing dentists to always select the optimal implant tailored to the individual condition of the patient.


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Bredent Dental Implants

Bredent is a family-owned company based in Germany, operating internationally. Their implants are characterized by their high quality, reliability, and innovative technologies. These enable dentists and dental technicians to create and maintain high-quality aesthetic dental prosthetics that can ensure periodontal hygiene.

One of the most important features of the implants is that they are made of biocompatible titanium. This material is not only durable and resilient but also compatible with the human body, thereby capable of minimizing the risk of allergic reactions. The implant surfaces undergo a special treatment to improve osseointegration and the stability of the implants.

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High Quality
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Easy Insertion
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Safe and Reliable
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Compatible with numerous prosthetic solutions
Flexible Applications: for various situations of missing teeth, from a single tooth gap to replacing an entire dental arch.
In essence, Bredent implants not only provide high-quality, aesthetic, and durable solutions for the treatment of missing teeth but also offer numerous advantages to ensure long-term success and satisfaction.


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