Root tip resection

A root resection is a surgical procedure that offers another chance to save a tooth. The procedure involves removing part of the root of the tooth, the root apex and the inflamed tissue around it.

The procedure is often a last chance to save the tooth, even when root canal treatment has failed despite repeated attempts.

Although the surgery is relatively less traumatic than other oral surgeries, it requires a high degree of caution and skill.

When is a root resection necessary?

In many cases, root resection is the only way to save a tooth.

The most common reasons may be:

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if a part of the canal system of the tooth is not fully permeable even with the most modern instruments we use.
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chronic inflammations around the root apex, cysts that are unable to disappear despite previous treatments.
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in some cases, the root ball material at the apex may be pushed beyond the root canal and into the bone tissue, which can cause complaints.


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Important information

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A dental check-up X-ray is required in the sixth month after treatment. Thereafter, a check-up is required every six months until the end of the second year. During this time, in about 80% of cases, new healthy bone will develop in the area of bone loss. The tooth is then considered healed and can be preserved for a long time.
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After a root-end resection, the tooth has a reduced load-bearing capacity, for example when making a dental bridge.
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Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the operation will be successful: if the radiographs show no improvement in the months following the operation, the tooth may still have to be removed.


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