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In any case, a denture is a removable tooth replacement. It can be attached to existing teeth or implants.

We distinguish between three types:

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Partial removable denture
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Complete removable denture

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Combined dentures


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Easy to clean

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Easy to remove and insert

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Reasonable price

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An aesthetic appearance


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Types of dentures

Fully removable:

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in the case of complete tooth loss
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it is made of special plastic, sometimes with metal elements

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it rests on the mucosa bone and is held in place by facial muscles, vacuum action, gravity, and masticatory pressure

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stable support of the removable prosthesis is often problematic in the case of the lower jaw, so in this case the use of dental implants is especially justified, since the masticatory stability improves significantly even with the implantation of 2-4 dental implants.

Partially removable:

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we use it when we want to replace several missing teeth located next to each other, but the number or load capacity of the existing natural teeth does not allow the use of a traditional dental bridge.
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it is based on a metal plate, on which the artificial gums and artificial teeth created by the dental technician are placed.
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the attachment to the still existing teeth can be solved with clamps.

Combined dentures:

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a combination of fixed and removable dentures.
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if the patient does not have enough teeth in good condition to be able to make a bridge replacement for the entire jawbone and/or for some reason it is impossible to insert an implant, this is often the only solution.
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first a fixed, glued bridge is made, on which usually hidden, precision anchoring devices, so-called sliders are placed by the dental technician. The removable denture part is connected to these with hidden anchoring.


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We are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many appointments are required for dental prosthetics?

For these treatments, you’ll need to visit the practice at least twice. The first appointment is for tooth preparation and taking impressions, while the second appointment is for the restoration. However, this may vary depending on the case.

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Will I receive something after the tooth preparation while the final dental prosthesis is being made?

Yes, we will create a temporary prosthesis that will be ready on the day of the treatment.

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What can I eat with the temporary prosthesis?

The front teeth should not be bitten into, as the temporary prosthesis is usually made of plastic and can break with strong force.

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I have a sensitive tooth with a temporary prosthesis. Is that normal?

Yes, temporary prosthetics do not fit perfectly and are made of thinner material, so it’s normal for them to be sensitive to cold and heat. This sensitivity usually disappears after the final dental prosthesis is placed.

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I feel like the prosthesis is sitting a bit high after insertion. How long should I wait?

You should wait a few days after its placement as it takes some time to get used to it. If this feeling doesn’t change, you should definitely come back so we can adjust the dental prosthesis.

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