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Invisible braces

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Neat teeth are an essential part of our appearance, the key to our face and smile.

Nowadays, invisible orthodontic technologies are gaining ground all over the world, as the demand for orthodontic appliances that are invisible to others is increasing.

Orthodontics is becoming more and more popular among adults, but at the same time, there is also the need for it to be unnoticeable to those around them and to cause as little discomfort as possible in everyday life.

We offer our patients a perfect answer to this challenge with invisible braces.

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Aligner-type devices can now do almost everything that a fixed device can, having even more positive features.

Wearing them involves much less inconvenience and discomfort, fewer speech problems, no permanent irritation of the tongue and oral mucosa, while proper oral hygiene is also much easier to maintain.

The invisible aligners are easy to remove and easy to clean, so the patient does not have to change their brushing habits and can safely consume any food or drink during the treatment.

Orthodontics in our clinic always begins with a personal consultation, during which we use a special intraoral scanner to model the lower and upper teeth of our patients in the form of a three-dimensional image and try to get to know our patients’ needs as best as possible.
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We prepare the treatment plan based on the condition assessment and the consultation discussion.

The treatment steps and the desired result are planned with the help of a computer program, so the desired final result becomes visible in the digital 3D treatment plan.

Our patients receive the digital plans from us as motivation so they will be available to them at any time.

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The minimum wearing time of the device is 20-22 hours per day, which is necessary in order to achieve the desired final result within the time specified in the treatment plan.

The material of the aligners is a special biocompatible, multi-layered plastic, which ensures the most effective, yet gentle movement of the teeth, maintaining the balance of the cells’ functioning.

In recent years, several invisible brace orthodontic systems have appeared on the European market.

It was important for our clinic to work with a system that is reliable, modern, and innovative, and that is why we chose the premium category Swiss ClearCorrect system, which is a member of the Straumann Group.

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