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Our clinic guarantees that we only use the highest quality materials, along with the most advanced techniques for your dental prosthetics.

For this reason, we offer an extended warranty for the dental prosthetics we manufacture:

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On Implants: 6 years
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On full ceramic crowns made of zirconium dioxide: 5 years
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On metal-ceramic crowns: 2 years
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On all precision abutments: 1 year
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On veneers, inlays: 2 years
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On all dental fillings: 1 year
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Requirements for Warranty Service:

  • Dental check-up examinations and oral hygiene follow-up treatments at least once a year at New Crown & Implant Center
  • Consent to the treatment proposed by your dentist to maintain your oral health (e.g., tartar removal, denture relining)
  • No misuse of the prosthesis (e.g., cracking nuts), properly cleaned dental prostheses
  • No trauma or bone or soft tissue diseases
  • The invoice for dental care has been settled

The warranty expires in the following cases:

  • No annual check-up at the New Crown & Implant Center.
  • Poor oral hygiene, heavy contamination of the prosthesis.
  • Improper use of dentures and dental prostheses (e.g., extreme forces exceeding physiological chewing force, leading to increased stress on the prosthesis).
  • Damages caused by extreme stress (nighttime grinding, teeth clenching).
  • Smoking with implants or bone augmentations, soft tissue grafts.
  • Mechanical damage to removable prosthesis (fall, combat sports), chemical damage from chemicals (concentrated alcohol, chemicals).
  • Diseases, injury to the masticatory apparatus caused by systemic diseases, or their treatment (e.g., radiotherapy, intubation).
  • Damages caused by mental illnesses or their treatment (e.g., xerostomia from antidepressants).
  • Root canal treatments necessitated by prior treatment (filling, crown preparation).
  • Allergies to dental materials unknown prior to treatment.
  • Attempted repairs on dental care not performed by a dentist at the New Crown & Implant Center.

The treatment plan is for informational purposes only.


A. If you have received a preliminary treatment plan from us upon request by mail or email before a personal examination was conducted, your final treatment plan may change after the consultation. If this is the case, you will be informed and advised accordingly.

B. In the case of surgical procedures, unexpected changes to the treatment plan may occur intraoperatively, which may require you to adjust your travel plans.

C. The New Crown & Implant Center is not responsible for any financial changes to your travel and stay in the event of a change to your treatment plan, as outlined in points A or B.

D. If a lost implant cannot be reinserted for any reason, the costs for the implant cannot be refunded.

E. This treatment plan has been created by the New Crown & Implant Center; any payments for billing must be made directly to the New Crown & Implant Center.


In our dentistry, we use the most up-to-date technologies available and
premium quality materials, as well as effective pain relief methods.
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Feel free to contact us.

We are happy to help.

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