Laser treatments

Lasers are nowadays increasingly used in dentistry and oral surgery, with amazing efficiency, speed and long-lasting results.

The laser beam is delivered to the more hidden areas of the oral cavity by means of a special end-piece. Laser treatment is safe, risk-free and has no side effects.

There is a worldwide trend for soft lasers to be used not only by oral surgeons and dentists, but also by dental hygienists.

Applications in the oral cavity

Soft tissue surgery:

  • Unlike traditional oral surgery techniques, dental lasers can be used to treat soft tissues without the use of scalpels or sutures.
  • Without the use of surgical instruments, without the need for scissors or cautery
  • Treatment time and post-treatment recovery time are significantly shorter


  • Treatment of aphthae, herpes, non-healing ulcers, wounds and reduction of recurrence
  • Tooth extraction site, stimulation of wound healing

Pain relief:

  • Laser treatment reduces pain after the first session and symptoms are gone in 1-2 days.
  • Laser treatment accelerates oxygenation, blood vessel remodelling; stimulates antibody production to optimise the body’s defences and improves blood circulation

Sensitivity reduction:

  • The laser beam is used to painlessly close the so-called dentin tubules that cause cold-hot sensitivity in the teeth in 2-3 treatments.

Periodontal treatment:

  • Antibacterial action
  • Reduces the number of bacteria in the pouch

Tooth whitening:

  • Peroxide tooth whitening with Epic X is a fast method to achieve spectacular whitening quickly.

Root canal treatment:

  • The diode laser has a very good disinfecting effect, which can be used to thoroughly disinfect the root canal.
  • Combined with mechanical dilation and chemical flushing, it allows a suitable root treatment to be carried out.


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For whom laser therapy is specifically recommended:

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Diabetics, as the slower wound healing associated with diabetes can be reduced.
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For pregnant women, to minimise the amount of “foreign” material entering the body by avoiding injections.
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Children and adults who dislike or are afraid of injections.
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For all our patients who want to heal as quickly as possible without pain and inflammation at the site of the dental procedure.


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We are happy to help.

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