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The jaw joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body. This joint allows the jaw to move, which is essential for chewing, speaking and other mouth movements.

The jaw joint is extremely complex and precise.

The joint is surrounded by a number of muscles and tendons whose coordinated action allows the jaw to move smoothly.

Improper functioning of the jaw joint can cause a variety of problems that can result in pain, discomfort and restricted movement.

Jaw joint complaints can be symptomatic:

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jaw joint pain
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clicking sound when moving the jaw
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pain in the muscles of mastication
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Restricted mouth opening/painful mouth opening
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facial pain
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neck pain
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spine problems
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joint problems, arthritis


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Treatment of jaw joint problems

Jaw joint pain and other problems may go away on their own, but treatment is often needed. Although painkillers and muscle relaxants may be used to treat jaw pain, these are usually symptomatic treatments and do not eliminate the underlying cause.

Our practice focuses on the root cause of the jaw pain rather than treatment. If parts of the chewing organ – the jaw, jaw joint, head and neck muscles – are out of alignment, this can be an obstacle to improving symptoms.

To relieve symptoms, physiotherapy may be recommended, which our doctors will demonstrate and practice with the patient. In addition, it is possible to treat the problems using splint therapy. In this case, the patient is fitted with a plastic, transparent splint to lift the jaw slightly out of its socket and place it in a resting position.


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