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We use a wide range of digital dental technologies in many areas of dental care, including diagnostics, planning, preparation, fabrication and restoration.

The use of digital tools allows for more accurate and efficient treatment and more patient-friendly procedures.

Modern digital dentistry offers innovative ways to treat dental problems and help patients achieve better results in improving their health.

3Shape TRIOS 5- 3D oral scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS 5 is the state-of-the-art intraoral camera for 3D images of the oral cavity. This makes taking impressions much easier, faster and more accurate.

The entire treatment process can be followed on the computer screen, so the patient can see a colourful and lifelike version of their teeth. No impression material is used during the procedure, avoiding discomfort, fist reflex and possible mucosal irritation. You get an instant 3D virtual image of your teeth.

The final result is impeccable, so there is no need for another impression. The results can be checked immediately and corrections can be made within a short time if necessary.

3Shape TRIOS 5- 3D-Oral-Scanner

Myray Hyperion X9 CBCT – 3D digital X-ray

In our dental practice it is possible to take 3D CBCT images. The machine takes 2 dimensional slices and then sums them up and converts them into a 3 dimensional image. It works at a lower dose rate than conventional CT scans, so our patients’ exposure to radiation is reduced. The patient’s teeth, bone and surrounding anatomy are available in their entirety to dentists and oral surgeons.

It is of great help for implantations, diagnosis and treatment plans.
CBCT can also detect overlapping areas that are not visible in 2D. It is easy to plan the size, insertion direction and location of implants with complete accuracy.

Dental CT
The MyRay Hyperion X9 is a teleradiograph, an extraoral X-ray that shows the entire facial skull from the forehead to the cervical vertebrae.

The teleradiograph is an essential part of orthodontic treatment because it allows the position of the teeth and the cheekbones to be analysed simultaneously.

This combined information helps the clinician to decide whether the bite disorder is due to an incorrect relationship between the teeth or the jawbones.

Myray hypersphere Intraoral X-ray

The MyRay Hypersphere intraoral X-ray is a diagnostic tool that can be used to obtain a more precise image of individual teeth/regions. Intraoral X-rays are used to diagnose dental lesions and to assess dental caries.


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