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Biological dentistry is a speciality that combines dentistry and biological sciences

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to understand and treat oral problems,
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taking into account the balance and health of the whole body.

The importance of biological dentistry

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Oral health:
The oral cavity and overall health are closely linked. A healthy mouth contributes to overall health. Various latent, uncomplaining dental nodules can cause hair loss, joint pain or digestive problems. In the long term, they can even lead to heart attacks.
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Our dentistry offers EMS guided biofilm therapy, a painless, minimally invasive method of plaque removal.

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Complementary therapies with biological agents:

BioGaia Probiotic is another product based on biological substances and contains probiotics. This range contains a combination of oral bacteria that can support the recolonisation of both the gut flora and the oral flora. It is recommended for use as complementary therapy in cases such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), periodontitis (periodontal disease), prevention of plaque formation.

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Safe dental materials:

Consideration of allergies and sensitivities: Identifying individual allergies and sensitivities helps avoid potential complications and reactions during dental treatments. It can be a great help for our patients to have allergy/intolerance testing done at the Health Centre.

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Gum health:

Consideration of general health: dental treatments are tailored to the patient’s general health and lifestyle to avoid further complications.

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Natural tooth preservation:

We promote the preservation and natural restoration of healthy teeth..

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Individualized treatment:

We design a personalized treatment plan, taking into account our patient’s specific needs and condition.


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